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What is Biodynamic Agriculture?

Biodynamic Agriculture is based on Rudolf Steiner's universal philosophy. It relates to the cosmic influence on the earth and thus on plants. We try to bring in the cosmic rhythms in to the plants forms and use the Biodynamic formulations that enhance these influences.

Planetary development council studies, found that Ground water contamination caused by Chemical Fertilizers and Synthetic Pesticides, runoff effecting wells, Streams and Lakes. Dangerous Chemical residues in the food supplies. Destruction of natural predators resulting in crop loss from insect damage that has doubled since 1945, the same period farm chemical use soared. In 1995 chemical usage grown upped 800% and Chemical Fertilizers up to 53%, resulting the soil degradation. Animal & Plants diseases proliferating and becoming more and more difficult to control. The protein content of the Wheat in USA dropped from 17% (1940) to 9% today.

The Organic Farming will restore the Soil and Organic Matters to hold its fertility in the form of Humas and convert in to living soils erosion, helps to plant roots to penetrate deeper. The porous soil natural produces such as Animal Manure, Green Crops and Crop Rotation for enrichment of Soils.

The tendency of Biodynamic Agriculture is that, food raised Biodynamically is Nutritionally superior and tastes better than foods produced by conventional methods. This is a common thread in alternative Agriculture, because other ecological farming systems make similar claims for their products. DEMETER a certification program for Biodynamically grown foods was established in 1928. Today, Biodynamic Agriculture is practiced on farms around the world, on various scales and in a variety of climates and cultures.

The biodynamic Farming is the Spiritual Science of anthroposophy founded by Steiner and its emphasis on farming practices intended to achieve balance between the physical and higher non-physical real in to acknowledge the influence of cosmic and terrestrial forces and to enrich the soil.

In a nutshell, Biodynamics can be understood as a combination of "Biological Dynamic" agricultural practices. "Biological " practices includes a series of well known organic farming techniques, that improve soil health "Dynamic" practices and intended to influence biological as well as metaphysical aspects of the farm (such as increasing vital life force), or t adapt the farm to natural rhythms (such as planting seeds during certain lunar phases).

Biological Practices
Dynamic Practices
Green Manures Special Compost preparations
Cover Cropping Special Foliar Sprays
Composting Planting by Calendar
Companion Planning Peppering for Pest Control
Integration of Crops and Live Stock Homeopathy
Tillage and Cultivation Radionics


We welcome your interest in Biodynamics. Please feel free to contact us with any comments, inquiries or suggestions.
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