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Kalle Biodynamic Agri-clinics
established with the aims and objects of promoting Biodynamic Agriculture, which is Sustainable System and Universal Philosophy.

Objectives of Kalle Biodynamic Agri-Clinics and Conventional Agriculture.


Kalle Biodynamic Agri-Clinics Objectives
Conventional Objectives
  • Ecological Orientation, Sound Economy, Efficient Labour Input.
  • Diversification, Balanced combination of Enterprises.

  • Best possible Self-sufficiency regarding Manures and Feed.

  • Stability due to Diversification.

  • Economical orientation, mechanization, Minimizing Labour Input.
  • Specialization, Disproportionate Development of Enterprises.
  • Self-sufficiency is no objective: Importation of Fertilizers and Feeds.
  • Program dictated by Market Demands.
2. Production:
  • Cycle of Nutrients Within the Farm.
  • Predominantly Farm-Produced Manuring Materials
  • Slowly Soluble if needed.
  • Weed Control by Crop Rotation, Cultivation, Thermal.
  • Pest Control based on Homeostatic and inoffensive substance.
  • Mainly Home-Produced Feed.
  • Feeding and Housing of Livestock for production and Health.
  • New Seed as needed.

  • Supplementing Nutrients.
  • Predominantly or exclusively Bought-in Fertilizers.
  • Soluble Fertilizers and lime.
  • Weed control by Herbicides.
  • Pest control with hazardous Chemicals.
  • Much or all Feed bought-in.
  • Animal Husbandry mainly oriented towards production.
  • Frequently New seeds.

3.Modes of Influencing Life process:

  • Production is integrated in to Environment, building healthy Landscapes; Attention is given to Rhythms.
  • Stimulating and Regulating complex life process by Biodynamic Preparations for Soils, Plants, Manures.
  • Balanced conditions for Plants and Animals, few deficiencies need to be corrected.

  • Emancipation of enterprises from their environment by Chemical and technical manipulation.
  • No equivalent to Biodynamic Preparations:Use of hormones, Antibiotics, etc..
  • Excessive Fertilizing and Feeding, correcting Deficiencies.

4.Social Implication-Human Values:

  • National Economy: optimum Input/output ratio regarding Materials and Energy.
  • Private Economy: Stable Monetary results.
  • No Pollution.
  • Maximum Conservation of Soils, Water, Wild life.

  • Regionalized Mixed production, more Transparent Consumer-producer Relationship, Nutritional Quality.

  • Holistic Approach, unity between World Conception and Motivation.

  • National Economy: Poor Input/Output ratio regarding materials and Energy.
  • Private Economy: High risk, Gains at Times.
  • Considerable Pollution worldwide.
  • Using up soil fertility, often Erosion, losses in Water quality and Wildlife.
  • Local and Regional specialization, more anonymous Consumer-Producer Relationship, interested in grading standards.
  • Reductionist picture of nature, Emancipated, mainly Economic Motivation.
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