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We offer complete consulting services in the fields of Biodynamic Agriculture. Below is a general outline of the controls on some areas of our service.



Designing and Development of Agro-Farms :

We do Designing & Development of any kind of Agriculture / Horticulture / Floriculture Farms in to Model Farms based on the Natural Resources like: Climatic conditions, Water source and type of the Soils. As per the Client needs we develop your Farm as a Model Farm.

Greenery Development and Earth Sciences :

We take up the contract works from Government and from the Corporate companies to make Greenery and development of Nature.We do Soil Conservation activities to save the Soil, thus ground level water also increases.

  • Making Soil pH in to Neutralization.
  • Waste lands converting in to Cultivation.
  • Conversation of Hard Soils in to Horticulture Crops.         

Marketing Network of all organic/Biodynamic produces :

We have our own consumers for our Biodynamic Agri produces. So we can supply the produces, from Farm to Consumer. From Kalle Biodynamic Agri-Clinics all Farmers / Consumers can Join and utilize our Network.

Online Consulting Services :

We provide online services to the farmers on

  • Training about Biodynamic Farming and Organic Farming
  • Making Biodynamic basic Preparations
  • Compost Heaps
  • CPP
  • Liquid Manures
  • Pest and Disease control herbal preparations, it's formulations
  • Package of Practices of each Crop / Plantation wise
  • Post harvest Management and Storage Technologies
  • Marketing Information

Membership: We are offering membership for 3 years complete package and fully planning and implementation and conversation of your Farm in to "Biodynamic Farm".

Organic and Biodynamic Farming Consultancy Services :

1. Technological analysis of the Farms, Soils.
2. Collection of soil samples and testing.
3. Soil analysis and soil conservation systems.
4. Water Conservation.

5. Submitting the detail analytical report along with suggestions, estimations & conversion cost. Complete Project report on organic & biodynamic farming.
6. Planning.

7. Consultation for conversion in to organic & biodynamic farm.
8. Estimations.
9. Implementation.

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