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Kalle Biodynamic Agri-Clinics custom made range of Farming products promise to make any Farmer "Rich Farmer". Based on the principles of Biodynamic Farming, the usage of our range of products gives economically, ecologically and socially sustainable solutions for a better Farming. A well equipped testing laboratory ensures good quality control right from the procurement of raw material to the finished product. We offer a wide range of world-class products with international standards.

Choose Farmer Range products from the following.

1. 500 preparation- Soil Conditioner
2. 501 Preparation- Fungal Disease Controller.
3. 502 to 507 Biodynamic basic preparations.
4. Biodynamic Manure (Minimum order should be 10 tones).
5. C.P.P - Micronutrients.
6. Vermi Compost. Go to Products



1. 500 Preparation:
 500 Preparation is a Soil Conditioner. It has been Prepared Biodynamically. 100% Eco Friendly Product.

Application: For 1 Acre - 25 grams of powder dilute with 13.5 Liters of water and stir for 1 hour and sprinkle the liquid all over 1 acre of land. It should be sprayed on evening times when the Soil is moist. It has to apply yearly 4 times.


  • Neutralizes the Soil pH
  • Creates a good stable Soil Structure
  • Increase, Living Organism and Earthworms population and it's activities
  • Enhances the Rhizobium Bacteria
  • Improves the Humas in the Soils
  • Help the Plant roots to grow deep
  • Increases the water holding capacity of the Soil.
2. 501- Fungal Disease Controller : 501 is original forms of Silicon dioxide (SiO2). It is liquid in Nature-waxy and sticky, which hardness to form triangular Silica crystals. Silica is related to Saturn planet. If we spray on Saturday, efficiency will be more. It is plant application.

Application: For 1 Acre - 1 Gram of powder, dilute with 13.5 liters of water and stir it for 1 hour, then spray to the plants. It has to be sprayed early in the morning, when sunrays will start and finished before 9am. Spray above the plant using a high-pressure sprayer. Spray upwards to fall as a gentle mist over the plant. Then the plant absorbs the mist. Sunrays pass through the small crystal particles and plant leaves. Thus plant becomes strong and fungal disease will be controlled.


  • Helps to control the Fungal Diseases
  • 501 Aiding the Photosynthesis process, and also build a strong skeleton and cell wall in the plant. This makes them less liable to fungal diseases there by making them stronger
  • Improves the quality of the crop produce
  • Increases the strength of the plant.

3. 502 to 507 Biodynamic preparations : 502 to 507 are Biodynamic Basic preparations. These are a set of preparations. All these preparations use in making of:        BD Manure      CPP      Liquid Manures

Preparation & Plant
Related planet
Provide nutrients
502 - Yarrow Venus Potash (K), Sulphur (S)
503 - Chamomile Mercury Nitrogen (N), Calcium (Ca)
504 - Stinging Nettle Mars Iron (Fe)
505 - Oak Tree bark Moon Calcium (Ca)
506 - Dandelion Jupiter Silica (Si)
507 - Valerian Saturn Phosphorus (P)

4. BIODYNAMIC MANURE : Prepared with all biodegradable wastages, Like Nitrogenous materials, Carbonaceous materials, Minerals and Biodynamic basic preparations 502-507. Our Biodynamic manure contains the major nutrients of : Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potash (K).

Method of Application:
* Plough the soil * Increases the Humas content of the soil.
* Broadcast on the soil * Improvement of the Organic content and Bulk density of the sub soil.
* 1-6 tones per Acre * Enhance the Earth Worm activities and multiplication.
* Apply after application of Biodynamic 500 preparation * Helps increasing Microbial/Living Organisms population.
* Applicable to all Agriculture, Horticulture and Floriculture crops. * Supplies all essential Plant Nutrients for long duration.
  * Improves the Soil Fertility and Water holding capacity.
  * Creates good stable Soil Structure.

5. Micronutrients : Biodynamically formulated of C.P.P. This is plant Application and provides to Trace Elements to the plants. It contains: Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Zinc (Zn), Boron (B), Cobalt (Co), Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), Iron (Fe),

Method of Application:
* 1 Kg powder in to 50 liters of water, Soak over night * Provide Micronutrients to the plants in fast way.
* Filter with cotton cloth and spray to the plants leaves. * Plants get resistance power from Diseases and from Pests.
* 1 Kg per 1 Acre for general Agriculture Crops. * Control the dropping of Flowers and Fruits from the plants.
  * Increase the Shelf Life of the Fruits and Vegetables.
  * Applicable for all crops.

6. Vermi Compost :

We are preparing high quality of Vermi Compost and contains major nutrients of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potash (K) and more organic content.

This is applicable to all Crops / Horticulture Plants / Floriculture / Vegetables.

We supply in bulk quantities and minimum order should be 10 tones.

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